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Top 10 indicators you’re approaching 55

  • At least once a week, while driving, you wonder “Where am I and where am I going?”
  • You walk out of restaurants without your purse
  • You walk away from the bank teller without your money or your keys
  • You manage to lose something you had in your hands a minute ago… and you haven’t moved from your chair
  • You walk into a room and wonder “What was I going to do here?”
  • You can’t remember how to spell everyday words
  • The pharmacy clerk greets you by name
  • You have to take a nap after your 7-year-old niece’s visit
  • After a lifetime of vowing to never change your hair’s natural color, you are now starting to look at hair dyes at the drugstore
  • You use Photoshop on your pictures to erase lines, wrinkles, and age spots

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