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These are some of my favorite things

What are your favorite Web sites?

Let me tell you some of my current favorites:


Astronomy Picture of the Day — for astronomy lovers. They post a different astronomy picture every day. Most pictures are wonderful, all are interesting. I learned a lot from this site. The photo above is of the dust pillar of the Carina nebula.



fell2earth — I had not done real jigsaw puzzles in a while because, when you have cats, assembling a jigsaw puzzle could be quite frustrating 🙂 I recently discovered these online jigsaw puzzles and I’m now completely addicted. You choose a picture, like the one above, you specify how many pieces you want, and you go to it. Have fun!


from — OMG! If you love cats, this is THE site to go to. They have fantastic pictures of all kinds of cats. They also have stories to go with the pictures, and videos, but I must admit I pretty much look only at the photos.

Would you like to share your favorites? I’d love to find out, so please leave a comment!

Attribution: all the photos in this post are from the aforementioned Web sites.


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