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Life change: My awesome Tong Ren training weekend

I attended a Tong Ren training seminar this past weekend, and my life has changed in a big way.

I had been practicing Tong Ren for 5 months now, thanks to books, DVDs, and personal coaching from Eleanor, a Tong Ren practitioner. This seminar in Quincy, MA, however, was my first formal training in this modality.

I was excited to connect in person with Tong Ren people. Yes, we can do a lot online and on the phone nowadays, AND that does not replace actually being there, and seeing how friendly, open, and helpful everybody is. Eleanor was there the second day. and I was very happy to be able to meet her in person. She also introduced me to Tui Na during our lunch break.

The Tam Center for Healing was an open space full of great energy. Tom Tam himself taught the class. In addition to conveying the information in a clear, non-judgmental way, he is friendly, approachable, and funny!

The best part for me happened near the end of the seminar. One of the students was sitting facing the rest of us, and we were all tapping for her. For a few seconds, I was able to sense how we were part of a vast group —which included many, many more beings than the people actually present in the classroom— all united in love and a desire to heal. My heart opened and tears came to my eyes.

Later, as I said goodbye to Eleanor, she told me I was now part of the Tong Ren community. I cried again. Joyfully, and gratefully.

Please note that Tong Ren practitioners in general are not doctors. The above statements have not been evaluated nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration. I am not a physician, and do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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