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Fond memories – Part 1

Fond memories of my recent trip to Boston to learn Tui Na, to deepen my knowledge of Tong Ren Therapy, and to re-learn that I can just BE my authentic self and don’t need to compete, ever!

Tong Ren Master and Founder Tom Tam

Tom Tam, Tong Ren Master and Founder


My Tui Na teacher, Aimee

My Tui Na teacher, Aimee


My Tong Ren teacher, Eleanor

My Tong Ren teacher, Eleanor

Much gratitude to these kind, generous and wise beings. ♥♥♥

Bird's eye view of Boston area, from the top of a Harvard building

Bird’s eye view of Boston area, from the top of a Harvard building


Top 10 indicators you’re approaching 55

  • At least once a week, while driving, you wonder “Where am I and where am I going?”
  • You walk out of restaurants without your purse
  • You walk away from the bank teller without your money or your keys
  • You manage to lose something you had in your hands a minute ago… and you haven’t moved from your chair
  • You walk into a room and wonder “What was I going to do here?”
  • You can’t remember how to spell everyday words
  • The pharmacy clerk greets you by name
  • You have to take a nap after your 7-year-old niece’s visit
  • After a lifetime of vowing to never change your hair’s natural color, you are now starting to look at hair dyes at the drugstore
  • You use Photoshop on your pictures to erase lines, wrinkles, and age spots

Meet Roni

Roni is one of two co-Directors of Morale, Mischief, and Mayhem at Sparkles and Angels. His job performance has been extraordinary. His duties consist of:

  • eating me out of house and home — his favorite food is the food in someone else’s bowl
  • sleeping, preferably with his belly up
  • copiously shedding his orange and white fur on my dark clothes
  • looking cute
  • dropping toys into the toilet bowl, especially in the middle of the night
  • biting books – he used to bite everything, but he and I re-negotiated the terms of his contract, and he now limits himself to just books
  • annoying the Director of Quality Assurance (his big sister Zoe)
  • playing with water from a faucet – he gets extra points when I forget to turn the water off
  • creating puddles around his water bowls
  • moving mousies around
  • sleeping in the car seat which was supposed to be for my niece (so far he has used it more than she has)
  • growing long, sharp nails, and making holes in bedsheets

The picture at the top was taken just a few days after Roni was hired. As you can see, he learned his duties really quickly and did not need any on-the-job training.

The second picture shows Roni working overtime recently. Being an executive, he does not put his paws to work on the actual Sparkles and Angels jewelry, but he and the other directors have inspired a line of jewelry for pet lovers: