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I originally published this post on, but decided to re-post it here because it means a lot to me:

Gratitude is the magnet of the universe. Life becomes much easier and more joyful when you get in the habit of finding something to be grateful for in every situation.

I learned a big lesson in gratitude through my experience with breast cancer. The chemotherapy made me very sick, and the treatments for those side effects had side effects of their own. For almost a year, I had severe anemia, which made me very tired. There were times I had to lie down to floss my teeth, because I did not have the energy to stand. There were several months of intense continuous hip pains. My face swelled to practically twice its normal size… and that was just some of the “highlights. ”

As dark as the circumstances were, I discovered that I was surrounded by love and support. Whenever I think of all those beautiful people who supported me in so many ways, my heart opens, and I feel better.

No matter how “bad” a situation is, you can find something to be grateful for. Perhaps it’s a hug from a friend, or a beautiful dandelion flower in your lawn, or the deep blue starry sky. Remember: it’s only when it’s darkest that you can see the stars.