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FREE SHIPPING during the month of November 2011

Onyx Fantasy

Onyx Fantasy

There’s something very appealing about free shipping, isn’t it? Well, during this month of November, before the holiday madness descends on us, you get to shop leisurely at the Sparkles and Angels store AND enjoy free shipping. All you need to do is enter the coupon code FREESHIPPING (in one word) when you check out. This offer applies only to shipments going to US addresses.

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

There are lots of new earrings and new necklaces, including many $25 and under. Get some presents for your loved ones, including one for yourself since I hope you love yourself!

By The Seashore

By The Seashore

The items you see here are but a small subset of what’s available. All are made by a Reiki Master, and infused with love and healing energy to help you incorporate harmony, balance, and peace into your life.

Copper Glow

Copper Glow

Go to the Sparkles and Angels store to see all the available items. I have to say that I am extra proud of my new creations 🙂


Beautiful, precious, special silver

A Celebration of Purple

A Celebration of Purple: sterling silver and Swarovski crystals

Silver is a precious metal. From prehistoric times, through Antiquity, to this modern era, mankind has recognized the appeal and the qualities of this beautiful metal.  Items made from silver hold a special energy, look gorgeous, and make a good investment. Silver has been steadily increasing in value. Ten years ago, it was less than $5/troy ounce. Today — as of this writing — it’s about $40/troy ounce! **

Still, it is much more affordable than gold or platinum**, so you can give the gift of precious metal without breaking the bank. (You can gift yourself as well, since you deserve the very best!)

Silver is commonly found in 2 forms in jewelry: sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver, and fine silver, which is 99.9% silver. (Silver plated pieces only have a very thin layer of silver on top of a base metal.)

Earth, Fire and Air

Earth, Fire and Air: sterling silver and hematite

Metaphysical properties of silver

Just Google “silver metaphysical properties” and you will find tons of information. I like what Michael Gienger wrote in his book “Crystal Power, Crystal Healing”:

“Silver releases the emotions and encourages proper expression of feelings. It promotes generosity and empathy. Silver helps us to become more flexible mentally or to remain so and to let go of influences and dependencies, particularly if these go hand in hand with feelings of helplessness.  The imagination and the ability to visualize are all stimulated by silver… Silver also helps maintain control and balance on a psychic level…

Silver also enhances the ability to see varying qualities of light and to harmonize inner life rhythms with the cycles of nature.”

Little Birdies

Little Birdies: sterling silver and gold fill

** as of 4/12/11, silver is $40/troy ounce, gold is $1453/troy ounce, and platinum is $1778/troy ounce.

Durham Art Walk Spring Market, April 9-10, 2011

The Durham Arts Council (DAC) invites you to come celebrate art in the streets at the Durham Art Walk Spring Market this April 9-10.

Spring Durham Art Walk

One of the most important features of this Spring Market is me! 🙂 I’m going to be in the lobby of the Crowe Bldg on the American Tobacco Campus, along with 7 other vendors.

That’s right, I will be one of the vendors there, and I’m looking forward to meeting you. Come say hi and look at all the new jewelry I’ll have there. It’s so new that I don’t have any pictures to show you yet. There will be at least one Sparkles and Angels door prize, and some other goodies too!

You will find live musical performances, great food, and art and fine crafts by over 200 artists.

Saturday April 9, 2011, 10 AM-5 PM

Sunday April 10, 2011, 1-5 PM 919-560-ARTS

This spring the Art Walk features Durham’s own Scene of the Crime Rovers Marching Band making music in the streets. Little Jimmy and the Glendales present Drumming for a Rain Dance and encouraging audience participation on Foster Street at Hunt.  Mallarme Chamber Players will perform at Hayti Heritage Center and the W.G. Pearson Harp Ensemble will be performing at DAC. Durham Arts Place will be celebrating its 15th anniversary with a special exhibition. SeeSaw Studio will be engaging visitors in an interactive art happening at DAC. DURTY-Durham Art Collective will be surprising downtown visitors with their own brand of artmaking. The Brightleaf District will be turned into a giant runway, becoming the Art Walk Fashion District with roving clothing models.  Durham Parks and Recreation will present Durham Art Walk Rocks in a new location at Durham Centre next door to DAC and there will be food trucks galore along Morgan Street.

Coupons – just in time for Thanksgiving!

Hello all my lovely blog readers,

Are you ready to do some holiday shopping? I am excited to announce that I can do coupons now!!!

From now until Monday 11/29 at midnight, you can use the coupon code BLOG15THANKYOU to get 15% off your Sparkles and Angels online purchase. It’s my way to say thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you. I have much to be grateful for.

I have many cute earrings that are not in my store yet, they are perfect as little holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. I will be adding them throughout the next few days, so keep checking!



New Sparkles and Angels jewelry!

I have been spending a lot of time creating new jewelry, instead of blogging, as you might have deduced from the lack of activity on this blog 🙂  So now I am showing off some of my new designs! These are on my Etsy Web site, and will be at the Greensboro Pre-Holiday Market on Saturday November 20, unless they sell out first. Enjoy the pictures!

Mudra earrings

Ad Infinitum sterling silver earrings

Argentina earrings

Brushstroke earrings

Butterscotch Delight I earrings

Pearlescent Amber necklace

Good Doggie earrings

Healing Hands III earrings

Pre-Holiday Market in Greensboro, NC

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? Are you in the mood for some holiday shopping? Because I am one of the vendors participating in the Pre-Holiday Market in Greensboro, NC.

When: Saturday 11/20, 10am – 3pm
Where: Forest Oaks Country Club, 4600 Forest Oaks Drive, Greensboro, NC. Their phone number is (336) 674-2241

Please stop by if you are in or near the Greensboro area. I’d love to meet you. I’ll be there selling jewelry, suncatchers, …etc. You can talk to me about custom orders, or about anything else you want 🙂

Sparkles and Angels will offer a door prize and other freebies, so come to our table and have fun!

Hope to see you there!

The wonderful people I meet…

Part of the joy of selling jewelry is the wonderful people I meet.

A sweet woman from Denmark told me that she will always treasure the necklace she just received:

Sarah H., who bought a pair of earrings for her mother, sent me a photo of her mother opening her Christmas present:

Bob M. emailed me and said his wife cried when she saw her Christmas present:

Julie M. mentioned that her whole earrings collection is from me!

Feedback like these make my day, my week, my year. They make up for the numerous times I had to restring a necklace to get it just right (I believe 7 times for one necklace was my record), they make up for staying up until 3am to finish earrings in time for a holiday present, and they make up for the 3 days I spent assembling shelves so I could organize my beads so I could actually find them! (OK, I’m not the most handy person in the world.)

In addition to all of my wonderful customers, I am blessed with many friends I met through the Etsy forums, in bead stores, in bead shows, and in a variety of other locations I frequent in the course of my work. Thank you all of you for your help, your support, and your friendship!

I am grateful for everyone’s presence in my life.


I love flowers.  My favorite place in Raleigh is the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University. I can spend hours there, admiring all the beautiful plants and trees, watching bluebirds flying around, and listening to songbirds.

Whenever I plan a trip, I look for 3 things:

  • will there be a ballet performance in town?
  • is there a bead store?
  • are there gardens I could visit?

Thus I got to go to the Chelsea Flower Show in London one year, and Monet’s garden at Giverny another time. Last year I was in Normandy, France, and I was delighted to find whole towns filled with flowers.

The following earrings are part of my flower obsession:

In The Garden Of Giverny earrings

Tropical Breeze earrings

Meet Roni

Roni is one of two co-Directors of Morale, Mischief, and Mayhem at Sparkles and Angels. His job performance has been extraordinary. His duties consist of:

  • eating me out of house and home — his favorite food is the food in someone else’s bowl
  • sleeping, preferably with his belly up
  • copiously shedding his orange and white fur on my dark clothes
  • looking cute
  • dropping toys into the toilet bowl, especially in the middle of the night
  • biting books – he used to bite everything, but he and I re-negotiated the terms of his contract, and he now limits himself to just books
  • annoying the Director of Quality Assurance (his big sister Zoe)
  • playing with water from a faucet – he gets extra points when I forget to turn the water off
  • creating puddles around his water bowls
  • moving mousies around
  • sleeping in the car seat which was supposed to be for my niece (so far he has used it more than she has)
  • growing long, sharp nails, and making holes in bedsheets

The picture at the top was taken just a few days after Roni was hired. As you can see, he learned his duties really quickly and did not need any on-the-job training.

The second picture shows Roni working overtime recently. Being an executive, he does not put his paws to work on the actual Sparkles and Angels jewelry, but he and the other directors have inspired a line of jewelry for pet lovers: